Get Involved

Donate Blood

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By far the easiest way to get involved is by just donating blood. Millions of people will need blood every year, and that’s why this competition began in the first place: to collect blood for those who need it. Donors are the key to Blood Battle’s success, and so first and foremost, if you can, we recommend donating. Follow the Schedule tab for a list of all of the drives in the Ann Arbor area that participate in Blood Battle or click here to schedule an appointment today!

If you’d like to contact us about donating, fill out the contact form on this site or send us an email at

Blood Drives United

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Blood Drives United is the student-run club that, with the help of the Red Cross, schedules, staffs and promotes all of the blood drives for Blood Battle (and the Winter Competition).

For students, joining BDU is one of the easiest ways to get involved beyond just donating blood. In the club you’ll have the option of doing posting sessions around campus to let people know where and when the drives are happening, running tabeling events in the dorms, the chemistry building and on the Diag to give students more information and staffing the blood drives themselves, signing in donors and making sure they feel fine afterward.

It’s not too big of a time commitment, but it makes a very large difference, and we’d love to have you.

Fill out the contact form or email to get more information. We can always use more volunteers!

Sponsor a Drive


If you’re a part of an organization with other people who are interested in getting involved in Blood Battle, consider sponsoring a drive. We are always in need of more volunteers to run the drives and promote them, and so when an organization reaches out, it’s very helpful. It makes for great PR for your club and helps promote it to other people, as well as covering an entire drive for us. If you’re interested, fill out the contact form or email and we’ll work with you to set something up.

Sponsor the Battle


If you represent a larger company and are interested in being a sponsor of Blood Battle, we’d love to discuss more details. In previous years we’ve had companies provide coupons for their restaurants or stores to be passed out at the drives to donors or provide food for our kick-off event. Fill out the contact form or email if you’re interested.