Blood Drives United

The Presidents


Abby Allmacher

I’m a junior in the School of Nursing who would love to work in a neonatal intensive care unit after graduation. Blood Battle has been the highlight of my time here at UMich, and my favorite day of the year is Be a Hero at the Big House. Outside of Blood Battle, I enjoy trying new restaurants around Ann Arbor with my friends and spending time in the ~beautiful~ Michigan weather outside. I can’t wait to continue spreading awareness about Blood Battle and beating OSU in blood donations!

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Jacob Doxen

I am a Junior in the School of Nursing here at U of M, and hope to work on a pediatric oncology unit after graduation. I love Blood Battle because it gives me an opportunity to encourage others to take an hour out of their day to make an impact in other people's lives that will last a lifetime. Outside of school and Blood Battle I enjoy playing sports, especially hockey, and going to as many Michigan Sporting events as I can!


Alex Rees

I’m a junior at U of M, studying Mechanical Engineering. I spend a lot of my time in the CAEN labs on North working on projects, but when I’m free I enjoy playing ultimate with friends and riding my motorcycle around town. I also love donating blood of course (seven gallons and counting) and helping to put on Blood Battle.


Jess BAch

I am a sophomore in the School of Nursing hoping to work in pediatrics! I am from Mendham NJ (a small suburb outside of NYC). Outside of Blood Battle I play violin in the Campus Symphony Orchestra and work with special needs kids every Sunday! I love organizing Blood Battle because it is an exciting competition that gets people doing really great things for the community that can literally save lives. I hope that Blood Battle can keep expanding and beating our own record (not only OSU's!) Go Blue!


Willa Hart

I’m a junior studying Philosophy and Economics. Outside of Blood Battle, I spend my time working on Mental Central, a mental health-oriented nonprofit my friend and I founded, and trying all the restaurants in Ann Arbor. I have been a part of the Blood Drives United team since I was a freshman, and love it because it’s such an easy way to make a big impact in people’s lives.


Alex zeto

My name is Alex, I am a senior from New Providence, New Jersey and am studying nursing! I have been a part of Blood Drives United since my sophomore year. I first donated blood my freshman year for blood battle, and felt proud because I was making a difference. When I saw BDU at Festifall the following year, I knew I wanted to get involved. The rest is history, as they say. I joined exec my junior year and with hard work we won the competition! I hope for my last battle, we can win again this year, keeping the trophy in Ann Arbor.