Blood Battle


Live Score - 2019


972 Pints


1003 Pints


Blood Battle

This year marks the 38th annual Blood Battle: A massive blood collection competition between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University. Every year we attempt to collect more pints of blood than OSU by hosting dozens of drives all across campus for the month of November leading up The Game.

Last year we blew OSU out 2338 to 2176 giving us our 7th win in the last 11 years. With your help, we can show them that not only are we smarter and more athletic, but also more giving.

To donate click here and sign up for any of the listed drives.


The Winter Competition

Not quite as well known, but just as important is the winter competition we put on. Several years ago it was called “Face-Off” and we competed with MSU. A few years back it was changed to Mitten Matchup. Last year, we expanded it to include Notre Dame, Penn State and Oakland University under the name of We Challenge You.

Stay tuned for more information about this year!